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You are guaranteed a total of  5 stickers from this order however, there is a twist. 


When this item is ordered the stickers you get will be rolled for by a d10. Numbers 2-9 will randomly select you a sticker. Number 10 will give you a bonus roll and therefore more stickers and 1 will get you one from the printer booboo pile(B grade, slight defects but still cute). These stickers are still cute but may have a small defect from the printer. 


You may get doubles or you may get one of each. The Dice gods will decide!


Stickers will be in cute crochet pouches while stocks of pouches last, rolls for orders will be posted as youtube shorts and tiktoks.

Sticker Roullet

  • Customer will receive at least 5 aprox 3cm waterproof stickers. Customer cannot choose which stickers. Stickers will be packaged in a plastic sleeve on arrival. 

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