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Paperback copy of Moon Girl 1: Moon Rise by Briony Rose Smith 1st Edition.

Art by Mewa Chu and Briont Rose Smith. This version is no longer available in any other retail store and there is limited stock. Grab while you can!



Ever since the turn of the millennium people have been developing powers. 15 years later these people have taken up masks and the age of heroes and villains has begun.

Dreda is just trying to get a job and get somewhere with her life. But it doesn't take much to stumble upon a villain's plan. It just took being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Or in Dreda's case, hand your application to the wrong person.

In a super hero world that isn't all it seems, Dreda finds her way to a job she never expected. Follow Dreda's path to becoming Moon Girl.



Page count: 203


1st Edition Moon Girl 1: Moon Rise

  • Printed by Lulu publishing. A5 paperback copy of Moon Girl 1: Moon Rise.

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