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I've been possessed!
Turns out wearing the Hat and Cloak I found in the library wasn't a good idea...

Apparently the spirit only knows how to use YouTube so I will still be around in the discord. I would still like my channel to grow so, please humour the spirit for now. Hopefully they are entertaining enough to not tank me.

In the meantime I'll look around the library and see if I can find any clues to getting my body back. I'll update this page and the discord with clues as I find them.

Thank you for coming here! I hope I can get my body back soon!!


Okay, so! I Found that we need to find out the spirits name. If you guys in chat can say '[Spirit Name], I banish you!' I'll have my body back!

Don't just spam this with random names though. I don't want you to get hurt. Give me time to find more clues and we'll figure it out together!


New Clue!
Apparently, I said the name on stream and that's what got this spirit's attention. I asked the Tea Fairies about it and they were surprised I didn't know the name already since they heard me say it. 

They were busy so I didn't manage to ask them what the name actually was. I'll try again next time.

It was a Storytime Sunday Stream!!
I managed to get a bit more from the tea fairies and they said they heard me say in on a Sunday.

They won't just tell me the name since apparently they can't divulge information about guests of the library. Which makes it seem like this spirit is from another world, like me.

I asked if I counted as a guest of the Library and the fairies said no. 

I asked if there are other guests and they said that there are always a few guests it's simply that the library is so vast that this is the first encounter I've had.

After that they had to go back to work. Hopefully I'll have some more info next time. 


I managed to speak to the fairies again. They said it was a while ago I said the name and I said it a good number of times and over a couple of weeks so I think this means that it's a Storytime Sunday where I read a whole book so you can discount any samples or preview reads. 

I also asked them why she is doing this. They were hesitant to answer at first due to the confidentiality issue but I talked them around, saying I was asking for their opinion rather than info about the quest. 

They were pretty eager to answer me after that. It turns out that she's been watching me since I said her name, she's seen the growth and the compliments and wants it for herself. 

So basically she wants the attention. Which is why she's not interested in the discord or Patreon streams, not enough people to tell her how wonderful she is....

Anyway, I'll see if I can narrow it down a bit more. 


So I tried to ask the fairies today what the name of the character was that shared a name with the guest. I thought because I wasn't asking about the quest themselves that they would tell me but they got these little smirks on their faces and only said:

'It was a non-human character'

They gave me a wink before running off...
Looks like they are starting to have fun with this...


Now I know they are taking the piss! 

'The character was female.'

…I mean I guess a spirit from another world could may not conform to our world's ideas of gender naming but still...


In the category for worst hints of all time:

'It was in a Fantasy Book.'

Oh really, tea fairy? like 90% of what I read isn't Fantasy? *sigh*


Friday the October. No wonder everything went wrong. Today is probably the second most useless clue.

'The Protagonist has an animal companion.'

Does that cut out all the books with an animal protag? No, because all their friends were animals, damn it!


Happy Monday and happy clue that is still annoyingly vague.

'The name begins with the letter 'N''


Apparently, I said the name on stream almost exactly a year ago. 


So it's not the protagonist. The Protagonist has an animal companion and it behind with 'N' but they are a male character and a previous clue said the character was female...hmm..

It's someone who helps the protagonist apparently.


So Void request I ask about a vowel in the spirit's name. It actually worked really well. Two fairies spoke at the same time.

One said 'U' and one said 'A'.

They are now arguing with each other which sadly may mean some tea delays but that was some good info. 

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