Slight Hiccup (But also prices)

October 4, 2016

Only a very small hiccup but a slight hiccup that has slowed down publishing a bit. I'll put my hands up. It's totally my fault. You see, I wanted nice pretty chapter headings that look something like this:


But the publisher was having a bit of trouble with them. The are kinda big and have colour so I'll have to change them a bit then send them back. So, not a big hiccup but it's cost me a few precious days.


Also! everything feels very official now because I have agreed prices. 


So far I know that Moon Girl will be available on Amazon for Kindle and paperback. 

 Paperback - £7.99

 Kindle - £3


I'm thinking about publishing to Kobo too but this will likely be a few days after the Amazon release and share it's price with the kindle version.


I've also gone and ordered some promotional bookmarks buuuut the printers have said there are a problem with the files I sent them. Need to change them up a bit because I haven't quite gotten the sizing right on them but live and learn.


Between that and the chapter headings I will be spending a lot of time on photoshop in the forseeable future. 


But yes, that is the progress report! I hope Moon Girl will land around Halloween *fingers crossed* 




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