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Paperback copy of Moon Girl 3: Guillotine by Briony Rose Smith 1st Edition,

Art by Mewa Chu and Briont Rose Smith. This version is no longer available in any other retail store and there is limited stock. Grab while you can!



The burning of a familiar building. The lockdown of Iwon Prison. The thief with the same Trick as Light Tiger. Six months have passed since the city was rampaged by mythical creatures. Dreda is doing her best to learn the skills that should have been her birthright and Tim has been adjusting to his new perspective on life. Meanwhile, the pieces have already started to move against them and danger lurks from the shadows, eyes on those closest to Dreda. She does everything to protect them but sometimes, the hero doesn't always win.


Page Count: 243

1st Edition Moon Girl 3: Guillotine

  • Printed by Lulu publishing. A5 paperback copy of Moon Girl 3: Guillotine.

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