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Paperback copy of Moon Girl 2: Bell Toll by Briony Rose Smith 1st edition.

Art by Mewa Chu and Briont Rose Smith. This version is no longer available in any other retail store and there is limited stock. Grab while you can!



The Weapons of the Round have been defeated and their leader is behind bars.
Dreda, Tim and Clair continue to investigate into Project TRICKSTER while rumours of Trick granting bells sweep through the city. Villains are scrambling for the extra power, trying to get their hands on the source. Investigating the bells leads Dreda to revelations that shatter her reality when she learns the exact nature of Tricks and Tricksters.


Page Count: 213

1st Edition Moon Girl 2: Bell Toll

  • Printed by Lulu publishing. A5 paperback copy of Moon Girl 2: Bell Toll.

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