• Briony Rose Smith

The Extraordinary, The Ordinary and Saop! Vol 2

Why did I start reading it?

I still wanted to know what happens with these characters, even with the terrible ending of the first book.

What is it?

The last book's events are solved in the first chapter or so and then it's on with the quest to purify the crystal tree thingys and save the world!

What are the characters like?

Maria, the izkai protagonist's development is great in this book. She's not the main character but the way she grows into her role with the little support and help she has had from our main character Lucia is great to watch. So proud of her.

What's the bad news?

I get in an old-timey fantasy worlds there are, the majority of the time, old-timey sensibilities, by that I mean the wonder of fantasy sexism. For the most part, I can ignore it because if that's what this world is like, that's what this world is like but it grated on me a bit more here. I don't know whether that's because of the rocky start from the author shoehorning a rapey character or because the girl from the modern world didn't take as much issue with it as I thought she should. Either way, I just didn't find this book as enjoyable as the last.

And the good news?

The book itself is still cute and fluffy and fun once we're past fixing the last book ending. Lucia and Cele's relationship finally develops. but the book is carried on Maria's character development and Lucia continues to be a tooth-rotting sweet girl who just wants to help everyone she can.

Would you recommend?

I really don't know. Honestly, the only reason I'm thinking of picking up the next one is that it's the last in the series and I'd like to see where it ends.


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