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Project Updates: July 2021

I know this post if pretty late. I had a week off from my day job and just didn't want to do author work while I was off so ended up having and impromptu week off...

Things are still moving though so don't worry.


This month Patreon got access to a short story called 'The side character side hussle' which is about a classroom of self aware side character betting on the main plot of a cheesy supernatural teen drama.

There has also been much art. Once a week I have drawn a new version of Moon Girl's main character Dreda including her in her PJs, gym clothes, space suit and as a mecha!

See all this and more by becoming a Patreon:

Moon Girl 5

Stage: First Beta Read

Still with my beta reader. I may need to give them a kick soon.

Moon Girl 6

Stage: Planning/First Draft

I'm waaaay closer to the end than I realised. It's pretty crazy, I feel like I've rushed it a bit but the first draft is always about just getting it down on paper so pacing is something I can improve on my second draft but damn I didn't realise how fast I could get this done. The rate I'm going it could be done during the month when I'd planned for it to be done in September. A whole month early!

Moon Girl 1

Stage: Cover work, Promo planning

Not gonna lie, last month I got a little excited saying it could be out in July, I forgot the fun process of ordering test copies from the printers and trying to get those right. I am currently on that stage now but the problem of it is if there is a mistake then I have to wait a week for a new copy to be delivered to see if it's alright. I should need about 2 more weeks then I will be able to give a more solid release date, At that time I'll reveal the new covers too. Please look forward to it

Thanks for reading!

And your general patience!

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