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Project Updates January 2020


The new year sale didn't go all that well sales-wise at the time but I think the adverts got it under someone's nose as there was a small pick up in sales after.

And now for the exciting news!

That's right! Moon Girl 4 is well on its way and will be on sale before the end of Feb. Even four books in it's still both scary and exciting to see another story hit publishing. If you can't wait I have a free preview up on the blog:


The new year is here and Patreon were treated to:

-The first look at Moon Girl 4's cover and blurb (they already have the prologue)

-an extra piece of writing about a zombie apocalypse in japan

and that's just this month. There is a growing backlog of content to enjoy if you become a patron today:

Moon Girl 5

Stage: Planning/First Draft

Admittedly I didn't quite hit my writing target this month due to prepping Moon 4 for publishing. I wasn't far off when I got the last beta read back for Moon 4 so I decided to just drop writing for a while and get Moon 4 out the door.

This is the first time I haven't had the sequel written before the publishing of the book before it so it's a little scary. There is a good reason for this however but I plan to reveal that at a later time.

Other works

Other than keeping up with Patreon and my writing group I haven't really had a chance to write anything other than Moon Girl. Hopefully next month


By the next update post, Moon Girl 4 will be available for purchase. I ask that if you pick up a copy and enjoy it you leave a nice review wherever you get it. Those things are gold dust to an indie author like me.

Thanks for reading and any and all support so far!

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