• Briony Rose Smith

Embracing the Clouds

Why did I start reading it?

This came in as a review request from the author. I did not take it as a free book so there is no bias here!

What is it?

Piri has lived in the bowl world with 32 other children their entire life. They have lived a carefree life of climbing trees and eating fruit and daily lessons from a strange apparition they call Grandpa. But when they start to question what is outside their world. Piri and some other children venture out. Can they survive the strange world outside and make it back home?

What are the characters like?

I should have mentioned earlier that this is a children's fantasy novel and I think purely because I was not the intended audience I didn't really connect with anyone. I could see myself doing so if I was closer to their age though.

What's the bad news?

The main children are fish out of water to the extreme. They don't know what houses, doors, carriages are and even refer to adults as creatures. As much as that makes sense in the plot it makes it hard to read, it can be frustrating trying to figure out what it is and then even more so when they kinda know what it is but don't have a word for it yet.

This isn't as much of an issue from about the midpoint of the book though as they are pretty accustomed to things by that point

And the good news?

As a kid reading this, they would probably enjoy the main adventure. For an adult reading this, the slices of the world we see are fascinating. There's a lot going on just outside of the child's perception and I can't say I wasn't curious about them. I'm not mad I didn't lean more either. It was fun just to see the breadcrumbs and wonder what may lay in store for Piri and his friends in future books.

Would you recommend?

For an adult you probably wouldn't be looking for this but if you have a kid, pre-teen ish age that has an interest in fantasy they may love this series.


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