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Shonen Jump April/May Reading

For ages, I've wanted some kind of subscription service to catch up on the latest manga. Turns out Shonen Jump had an app where I could do just this. Here's a bit about the Manga I've been reading since I signed up!

If you want to find the app yourself I'll leave details at the bottom (no I wasn't paid to advertise it but I wish I had...)

New Reading:

Everything is new reading since this is the first post about this. I'll at least try something new every month even if I only read a few chapters so if there are any shonen titles you'd like me to check out, comment them at me!

Currently Reading:

"You thought your neighbours were bad...but at least they're not aliens trying to kill you!"

Current Chapters Released: 179

I've been a fan of world Trigger for a while. In fact, this is not the first time I've blogged about it. Sadly, when I was getting into it, World Trigger's author took ill and went on hiatus for a couple of years but he's back, taking it a bit easier on himself with monthly updates.

I decided to start reading the long series from the start again mainly because I want to see if there is anything the anime missed and because it's been a few years since I watched the anime and I may need to refresher.

World Trigger itself is a fun battle shonen manga that has a good introduction by layering more and more information about the world and the triggers onto you with each chapter. It's arguably a slow start but because of that it never really left me feeling confused about this world or 'Magic system' (for lack of a better term).

Each chapter tends to be accompanied by a few pages of the author talking about the character designs, information about the world, character facts and even information on original versions of chapters that were changed, it's really interesting. (the author is also bonkers, it's great!)

I'm currently just starting the B-rank wars and looking forward to getting past where the anime left off.

Awaiting Updates:

"The Children of Grace Field must escape a macabre fate before it's too late."

Current Chapter Count: 134

I binge read Promised Neverland as soon as I had access to the app. I'd been dying to know what happens and getting it volume by volume, as and when I had some spare cash, was killing me.

For those who don't know much about Promised Neverland please stop reading here. The less you know going into this series the better.

For those who have watched the anime or are familiar, let's go! Promised Neverland is a series I worried about. Originally, I read the first few volumes brought at a con and the escape thriller pulled me in but I always worry with a series like this how it will keep up that momentum after that. Once the escape is done, there is usually a big shift in the feel of a series like this, you see it more so in dystopian series like Maze Runner, so I worried that I might not like Promised Neverland after that.

Promised Neverland was quick to prove my worries unfounded though and continues to go strong.

The author has done well to set up more situations outside of Grace Field that requires these kids to think and battle their way out in a way that's still entertaining. I'm really looking forward to the next anime series next year!


I look forward to telling you about my manga reading again some time! Here's where you can find the Shonen Jump App:

The first 3 and last 3 chapters of a series are free to read but I highly suggest going for the subscription. Not only are you supporting the official release it's an incredibly reasonable price! (I haven't been paid to promote this I just think it's important now that manga and anime is so accessable that offical releases should be supported as much as possible.)

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