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Little Hero 2: Little Hero is the best hero!

Still love this series. Still great and still had a free copy provided to me by Cross Infinite World in exchange for an honest review.

Why did I start reading it? Because I loved the first volume, nuff said. You can find my review of the first volume here.

What is it? Our Little Hero read a strange book at school and suddenly she was transported to another world, designated the Dawn Hero and pushed into an adventure to defeat the evil witch plaguing this world. Our Little Hero has grown accustomed to this world now, setting off to gain the power she needs from a Hero right of passage, the Tower of Trails

What are the characters like? Characters are all still great! The cast grows slightly in this volume adding a few side characters that help flesh out another character and mysterious figures that leave you wondering just what part they have to play, are they friend or foe?

Anyone particularly cool? Hero is still the best person in the world. She's small, she's young but she is all the hero this world needs.

What's the bad news? Dagger. There's a moment near the end of the volume where Dagger says that he didn't believe in Hero but his opinion has changed. I feel like I missed the point where that changed for him. Dagger does seem to care about Hero in his own way but there was no development on it that convinced me that he believed in her now. I have a few ideas when it could have happened but if I'm having to speculate this much it probably could have done with more time.

And the good news? We got answers for Servant. I didn't expect to get them so soon, to be honest, but it's pretty cool what the author did. I also loved Hero's reaction, like any child she saw the most straightforward way to fix the problem and declared it loud for all to hear. Hero really is too good and pure for this world. Also hands down the best isekai I have read, Why? Because one of the biggest mysteries of many isekai is how did the main character(s) end up in the new world. Who brought them there? Why were they brought there? I get really into that mystery but after the first volume or arc it's usually forgotten and as much as the adventures are great it's something in the back of my mind that annoys me all the way through. Little Hero did forget a bit but even so, it's still the first isekai with this mystery to answer my question on how this situation came out.

Would you recommend? Hell yes! Obviously go back and start from Volume 1 but yes. Read this it's a great series.

You can find this wonderful series on Amazon. Volume 1 and Volume 2


Did you miss what I thought of the first Volume? You can find it here: Little Hero

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