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Chester Comic Con Vendor Spotlight

Chester Comic Con is weeks away and in the run up I'd like to shed some light on some of the wonderful artist and vendors that will be setting up shop at the con this year. First up is the talented H0lyhandgrenade Illustration.

H0ly attended last Manchester Comic Con though through the crowds I missed her. After the con I saw some of her art in pictures on facebook showing off what they brought at the con so for me I'm pretty excited to have a second chance to see her stuff.

After making contact she informed me of not one, not two but three comic's she's working on, busy lady.

Fans of pokemon will love her comic Mokepon. I'm about 4 chapters in and I love it. It's defiantly not your typical pokemon adventure. Our main character, Atticus, is 14 and has spend most of his life trying to avoid going out into the pokemon world to adventure because he just...didn't want to. Sadly for him his mum gets sick of him and kicks him out, forcing him to start his adventure which he does while trying to avoid any kind of insane plot that could trigger any kind of heartwarming adventure.

I've been really enjoying it so far. The art is good and you're treated to the odd colour page every so often. The main character is such an ass but that's the fun of it really. It's the one kind of person I dont think I've ever seen in the pokemon world and it's fun to watch him reluctantly drag himself through things.

You can read it here:

Another of her comics is: Rumplestiltskin. Obviously, a take on the story of Rumplestiltskin. I haven't had a chance to read this one but just by the cover, and reading the Authors notes i can;t say I'm not curious. My only experence with Rumpy is the attempted babynapping story of old and Once Upon A Time which are both very different takes. From an artsit who days 'Rumplestiltskin is a story that always rubbed me the wrong way as a kid,' I'm curious as to how they would change it.

If you want to find out you can read it here:

Her last comic is a collection of short strips about overwatch which is enough in my opinion. I don't even play the game but the characters are just great. Little comic strips like the collection H0ly has put together are generally some of the best things about overwatch to me.

Enjoy these little nugets of overwatch fun here:

The over watch comic's are also avalible on her tumbler which is the best way to keep up with her.

What;'s this I've been talking about an artist and now shown you any pictures of her awesome artwork. Well I saved that until here. H0ly has kindly given me some images to show you. Expect awsomeness from her at Chester Comic Con!

P.S. If you like what you see and cannot make it to chester comic con H0ly also has an Etsy page:

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