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New Anime Season! Here's what I'm watching

I wanted to blog so I thought I would go through what I've been watching on the latest season of anime and my thoughts so far. I might do a full review of these later on but for now, here's what I'm currently watching.


Okay so I'll start by saying, skip this section if you are not already familiar with the fate series. This isn't a good place to latch on without some prior knowledge of fate's core ideas but for me, a long time fan of the series. By god, was I looking forward to this one :D

Aprocrypha is the story of a grail war with a twist. Two sets of servants have been summoned, a red team, a black team and a Ruler class servant to basically referee the chaos that is to ensue.

Aprocrypha is a part of fate I wasn't that familiar with before going in. I knew the concept, I'd looked into what servants were part of the war too but other than that this is an all new fate story to me and it's great. You would think knowing the identity of all the servants before watching would be an issue but honestly they are all name dropped almost as soon as they appear so there's no mystery to that. (Though let's face it identities were only a fun guessing game in stay)

The story has me pretty deep already. I'm intrigued to find out more about Ruler and how she was summoned. What I assume is to become the main character had a really interesting start to the story and I'm interested to see where he goes.

The animation quality, though not on the level on Unlimited budget works is still beautiful and defiantly gets across that feeling of how powerful and inhuman all the servants are. I can't wait for more I really can't!!

PS Mordred is great, she's such a stark change from OG Saber.

Resturant to another world

I'll admit, I normally wouldn't choose to watch an anime like this. I'm more of a mindless action kinda gla but I'll admit this one intrigued me a bit. It had enough of a fantasy element for me to get interested and brave it for the sake of my boyfriends love of anime food porn.

I've watched a few episodes now and I'll be honest it has me. The anime is about a restaurant from our world who's door pops up in various locations in a fantasy world. The story follows it's customers. We learn about these people from all sorts of backgrounds and situations stumbling in to enjoy wonderful food and leave with a smile. I'll admit I'm not so interested in pretty anime food. The bits where characters are saying how much the enjoy the food etc are the bits that bore me the most but the characters themselves and their little stories all make it worth while.

It's a cute and interesting anime.

Knigths and Magic

Knights and magic is one I'm enjoying. It comes from a growing back log of Japanese light novels based around the idea of someone from our world ending up in a fantasy world.

In this version, out main character Ernie was an amazing programmer in our world with a hobby of building model gundams and other giant robots.

When he dies he's transported to a world where these robots exist and makes it his goal to become a pilot of one of these mechs.

There are a few reasons this anime has me. One, I'm a programmer too so yay, I could do magic in this world. Two, it's pretty. The world is bright and colorful, the animation is pretty, the action is well done. The main character is technically a white haired anime boy. There's a lot in the first episode but it's a good thing as they try to rush through things so that they can get to the mechs, the main attraction as it were. A part of me would have liked to have more detail in the lead up and how his programming knowledge translates over but I suppose I'll have to look at the light novel for that.

Chronos Ruler should be able to guess why I started watching this one. And this one is even worse cause he's got green eyes like Hitsugaya too!!

But, putting aside my love of white haired anime boys, Chronos Ruler is an interesting anime. There is a lot going on with it but a short summary is that there are time demons, born of our regret when we want to turn back time. They answer you wish and turn back your time, but they keep eating your time, and your memories while they are at it. They eat and eat until you stop existing.

Chronos rulers fight and kill these demons.

The main two characters of this anime have such a unique dynamic. They are in a very strange situation that I wont spoil because me and my friends were like 'What?!' when it was revealed at the end of the first ep.

The animation is pretty good quality, though it dips into CGI at times. The action is pretty good and the abilities are interesting, though, like I said the story has a lot going on at once. I want to know how it all ends but I'm worried it's going to get messy trying to sort out all these plot threads. In the end though, only 'time' will tell. haha. #sorrynotsorry

Fastest Finger First

Yeah I know I laughed at the name too....

Buuut. It's actually pretty good. Fastest Finger First is basically a sports anime about quizzes. Yes, you heard me, a sports anime about quizzes.

It's all about having the fastest finger on the buzzer and knowing your stuff. It's actually a pretty cool anime. Admittedly, it takes a while before the main character decides he wants to do the quizzes but generally it had the same appeal as watching a quiz show itself. My and my boyfriend were attempted to answer the questions along with the show it was fun, couple that with some interesting quiz tips and a main character that is basically Pidge from Voltron and you get a fun time.

I look forward to more episodes of this.


This anime is a bit weird, but that's cause it's set in a dream world where anything can happen.

Honestly, I don't know what to think of it so far. I like the concept. There's this guy who seems to live in the dream world and he gets pulled into helping against witches of the dream world who are causing havoc and even managing to affect the real world. In reality, these girls have fallen victim to something called 'sleepy beauty' syndrome.

I've watched three episodes so far and all three have been drastically different. I'll admit I wasn't sold on the first but I loved the second, then not so much the third. It's really a confusing anime that I'm hoping gets a bit more direction later on. If not then at least some of the individual stories will at least be interesting.

For the record I also want to watch The reflection 'cause superheroes but it was a bit of a late starter this season and I've been busy with cons lately. Hopefully I can get round to it at some point. And I've also been watching My Hero Acedemia but that's technically a left over from last season.

What have you been watching? What do you think of some of these?

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