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Charity, events and Moon Girl 2 Updates

It's been a while since I did a post just updating on progress. I've mostly done that sort of news in newsletters but I feel like I should put it on here too.

First things, first, there is a new section to the website yay! I added an events page. Here I'll list events to do with Moon Girl and some general events I'll be attending that you might be able to catch me at should you want to say 'hi'. It'll mostly be comic cons in the uk but also events like the one on there at the moment.

That's something that deserves it's own paragraph here. Between May 31st and July 6th, 5% of all Moon Girl sales will be going to charity. I've been wanting to do something like this for a while, so that Moon Girl can be a hero in the real world too. Moon Girl and other books will be part of an event called Great Books For Great Causes, raising money for Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF) to help find a cure for Type 1 Diabetes. I'll make a more detailed blog post closer to the time and tell you about all the other wonderful books you can buy to help a good cause.

In terms of Moon Girl 2: Bell tole, progress is going well :). The pretty moon chapter headings are all done and the the manuscript is going through beta reading. I've been told my spelling a grammar are not half as bad this time around lol.

My next target while it's being looked through is to get the cover sorted. I've mocked up a few ideas but I can't really show you much just yet. I'll show you a potential doodle but I will likely get Mewa Chu to do the final piece due to continuity and me not being great at coloring professionally and stuff.

Overall things are going well on the progress front.

There is some bad news. Moon Girl will not be getting a Audio version any time in the near future. I can't really afford to pay and I have been unable to find someone who will do it on royalty share that I think fits. I have attempted to record it myself but in the end, trying to manage that, my job, the books and my life, I just found I didn't have the time I would need to make it good enough quality. I'm disappointed to be honest. I listen to books more than I read books and I really wanted Moon to have her own audiobook but, at least for now, it is not to be.

Now I can't end this blog post on a low note so, it's Chester Comic Con is in September and I have a stall there to sell Moon Girl. I'm so excited (and a bit scared) for this. I'll be my first time at a convention as a seller. First time I'll be conversing with potential readers face to face. I chose to go for Chester because it's very local to me and it's only one day, so it is a good chance to see what it is like before I try for a bigger con one day. I've been working on getting some extra things to fill up the stall and have a nice selection of my art to sell along side, mostly Moon Girl Related but not all. Here one of my favorite prints >

This blog post is getting long... I'll try blog updates more regularly so that It doesn't do this again. (Do not hold me to this I am hopeless)

But anyway, one last thing I promise.

I plan to try blog more, and to do that I plan on blogging some stuff not Moon Girl related at times. Mostly I tried to rant about things I like and it kinda turned into a review so I'm going to roll with it. You've probably noticed a couple of reviews already and I enjoyed writing those so I think I'll keep going. Hope you enjoy reading them as much as I enjoy writing them.

I'll leave it there. If there is anything else I'll just have to blog some more.

Thank you for reading and hope you have a nice day.

Briony Rose Smith

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