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Free stuff, you say?

Yes, but for a limited time. Starting on the 16/012017 Moon Girl 1: Moon Rise kindle version will absolutely free for a grand total of 5 days (I wanted to do 6 for book reasons but apparently the max is 5). So, you don't even have a week to pick up your free copy.

So that's the promotional stuff ^

Now to do that general blog stuff cause things have been exciting and I haven't really had time to write a post.

For one really obvious thing you know by now. Moon Girl has been published. Yay! It's happened, it's real!

I should tell you for at least 3 months the ebook will only be available on kindle due to some of the marketing things I'm doing I had to give them exclusivity for a while.

On progress of the rest, I've sent my book out to a few bloggers I think would be interested

and as awesome as finally being an author is it's super scary too. It's time to take on the book market, sort out fiances and planning the release of the second book, all around dealing with real life too. Now is the time that my enjoyed hobby starts slowly turning into a job, which is kind of sad but it's not like I didn't expect it.

It's where I wanted to be. Even it's a very scary and new place, I'll get used to it. I'm a new author but eventually I'll just be an author and I'll be used to all this. Until then I will just have to deal with the nerves (I wonder where Dreda got her anxiety from, huh?).

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