• Briony Rose Smith

Publishing as I post!

It's here!

Well, it will be very, very soon!! woo!! Moon Girl and stuff!!

Sorry, excited.

The important information is that Moon Girl is currently under review. The Kindle e-book version should be available within the next 24 hours. I will make sure to post when it is ready for you.

The paperback might take some time yet as it needs to go through all sorts of checks to see if it is fit for distribution. As far as I know it is following all the rules so it should be available for purchase mid to end of feb (Sad to have to wait so long but rules must be followed). Once this is done the paperback copy will be available on Amazon.

I have plan to extend availability. While I wait for the paper copy I plan to make Moon Girl e-book version available on Google play, Kobo and apple books but again I will keep you informed.

Until then. Woo! Moon Girl will be available very very soon!

Now if you will excuse me I have a webpage to refresh over and over again.

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