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Present Time and Progress!

So I told you a while ago that I would be giving you guys a presents and the time is now!

As you should have seen the website has change a little bit.

I have sadly gotten rid of the illustration gallery but it's not gone for good. It can now be found in the previews and extras section, which will contain chapter previews, extra pieces of writing about beloved characters and the gallery!

In order to get access to all the cool free stuff all you need to do is sign up as a member of the website (I will think of a cool club name but for now you will be a member of the website). If you don't want to think up yet another password you will be able to sign in with either your facebook or google accounts.

The best way to keep updated on anything added to this section will be through the facebook page, MoonGirl. Give it a like and a follow and you shouldn't miss anything.

I will eventually be giving out a monthly newsletter that will also inform you of updates but not just yet.

At the moment you can enjoy all the gallery images and the very first chapter of Moon Girl!

Get yourself signed up and hope you enjoy!

The progress mentioned in the title you ask?

Well, for once, Good News!

I have sorted out the printing issues that have been slowing down the publishing process for Moon Girl! My publisher comes back of holiday tomorrow so...well, Moon Girl will be available very, very, very soon! I'm super excited :D.

I very much hope you enjoy the preview in the previews and extras section because it shouldn't be too long after the full book is available!

p.s. I'm sorry for my overuse of '!' I'm just excited :D

#moongirl #update

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