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Bad news again, sadly. It's highly likely Moon Girl will no long be able to release in 2016. I hoped beyond hope that I would be an author by now but sadly things have not gone that way.

I'm not giving up though.

As for an explanation, I can safely say it isn't my fault. I though it was. I thought it was just me being not very good as exact measurements for the cover of my book but it seems that the printers is more to blame. The printer I am using seems to have an issue with wrap around covers like mine that have a specific spine. I've spent about £50 now on test copy after test copy waiting about a week between each copy but no luck.

I realized it wasn't me when the latest test copy came today. You see, I used the same cover file as I had on a previous version and the best copy I have so far. It was slightly flawed when I originally used the copy but it was such a small flaw I was happy to release it if it printed the same a second time. It didn't. Even though the cover file I sent was exactly the same I can compare the two books and see some major differences.

I've got in contact with the printers to see what they can do about it but with results I've seen from people with the same issue I'm not confident they can print the book the way I want. I have also contacted the people helping my publish my book and asked if there is a potential of using a different printers. Hopefully one of these two things will lead me to being able to print a book I can be proud of and you can enjoy.

Sadly, until this is sorted, Moon Girl can't go anywhere and it's breaking my heart to say that it really is, I've been working on marketing plans, sequals for months. I can't wait to be an author but it looks like I'll have to achieve my dream in 2017.

I hope anyone reading is not too disappointed. I hope you will hold on until Moon Girl arrives. Thank you for reading and following the publishing journey so far.

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