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Sent off the cover

So a few things have happened since my last post but they have been little steps so I waited a bit before posting.

1. I got a formatted copy back from the publisher and had a look through, hopefully got all the mistakes before sending it back. (doubt it, betting on my first release week people will be pointing out mistakes to me…)

2. Sent it back and yes this was just as scary as the first time I sent Moon Girl to the publisher...but I did and we're getting much much closer to actual publication now

3. I got sent back measurements for my cover and the barcode for it which is awesome :D. This also means my book now has an ISBN number which is super important. Retailers will order my book via that so having that now makes it super official. Won't be putting the ISBN on the website yet though as its not available to order just yet.

4. Made all the adjustments this morning and sent it back.

So yeah took a good few steps towards publication lately. Next step will be to order my test copy and have a look over the book myself. After that its basically go time…scary but awesome J so excited for this :D

But that also means I'm going to have to look into marketing stuff now which is going to hurt my bank account but it should lead to come cool stuff for you guys. Currently designed some book marks. They aren't finished but I'll give you a sneak peak: (yes these are all girls but guys are on the way)

Also update the website today with the final cover for Moon Girl 1 that is official named Moon Rise:

#moongirl #update

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