• Briony Rose Smith

Press send.

< this is a gif of a wise man.

I've finally finished my last read through of Moon Girl and it's been sent off to the publisher.

Pressing send was terrifying. I'm still a bit scared now. That I've missed a glaring and stupid spelling mistake or that this was never a good idea to begin and I shouldn't be trying to be an author in the first place but I need to ignore those doubts as much as possible

I just had to do it!

and I did!

Hopefully, Moon Girl will be enjoyed. I'm not expecting much as I find it's best to keep my expectations low and he happy with what I get but even if just a few buy and ready my book I will be happy :).

I hope to get back to you with a release date soon but as I have never been through this process I can't say I'm sure how long it will take.

Thanks for reading

#moongirl #update

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