• Briony Rose Smith

Publisher Proof read is back!

So yeah, the publisher was a bit late on giving me back the proof read but I got it back and the first 15 pages have been professionally proof read! The document has also been formatted and suddenly I have lost a lot of pages…

I'm going through the story one more time with the extra advice in mind then it’s off to the printers.

It's hard to go over Moon Girl again I'll be honest. I feel like I've read it a thousand times but just one more time now and I'll be able to send it off and that's both exciting and terrifying.

I celebrated when I got home today with a doodle of what I like to think of as Dreda's big moment in Moon Girl One and since I haven't put any text it shouldn't be too spoiler-ish so here you go:

#moongirl #update

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