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Update from the past few weeks

Hello! Thought it would be best to get an update out there on the progress of Moon Girl. Overall it's going well!

On the subject of Moon Girl's first release:

I've sadly had to move my expected release date back but hopefully I will be able to get the publishing process started after I get it back from proof read. I know it's been in editing for a while but I really want it to be the best it can before before releasing it, especially for my first book I feel like this is so very very important. Sadly it's not like a game that I can release updated versions, once it's printed it's printed and I think I would die of shame if there were too many errors (hopefully there wont be any but you never know)

In other Moon Girl related news:

You shouldn't have to wait too long (touch wood) for Moon Girl 2 after Moon Girl 1 because I finished the second draft! I've sent it to some Beta readers to see what the reactions are so fingers cross it will be good and I can start on the editing process.

Other news isn't really news but I have been drawing a lot for Moon Girl lately. I can't show you much of it but I have/will be adding these two to the gallery today:

This is an old image I honestly forgot about that i added a few days ago.

This is Wild Warrior, I will be adding her to the gallery today

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