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Moon Girl 2: first draft finished!

Endings are so hard!

I always find it really hard to find a place to stop and always worry it feels too sudden or something but hey.

I have finished the bare bones version of Moon Girl 2!

What do I mean by bare bones?

I've put little reminders at the bottom for scenes I could do with putting in to make things make more sense. In this case I need to think up a character as well and I'll admit some of the writing is plain lazy because I just wanted to get it all down but improving that stuff is what draft two is all about.

and yes, yes I have finished the first draft of a squeal before even having the first book out. But the first book shouldn't be too far away now and at least this means the wait for the second hopefully *touch wood* wont be too long after.

Found it a bit harder to get this one onto paper/my computer screen than Moon Girl 1. So much more is going on with this one and had some big things to explain. Really looking forward to starting the 3rd but I have a feeling this one is going to need a lot of work before I'm really happy with it.

Sent it to a friend to get some reassurance on it as the flaws might just be all in my head *shrug*

Until then it's time for me to take a break while I wait for Moon Girl 1 to come back from the publishers.

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