October 8, 2019

A while ago on twitter, I saw an interesting thread about balancing your heroes and villains, in terms of morality. Sometimes a villain's good intentions can be convincing enough to make a reader root for them over the hero but, at the same time, making them too evil or their intentions too non-sensical can make a villain cartoony.

It sounded like a really rough situation to be in but made me think about what it is to build a v...

January 22, 2019

Part One

Part Five

Last time on Magic and Machines:

Hel had been brought back to the party by a half angel. Successor of the angel that dealt with the demon years ago. Though it's not so simple. Said demon was planning to steal her stone from the kings vault with an army for outcasts. 

Ethel and Ash have gone to warn the kingdom, scramble the guard. Balaz, Zeev and Hel have gone after a book that will help the Successor deal with...

December 18, 2018

Part One

Part Four

Part Six

Last time on Magic and Machines:

It was revealed that Hel was able to use Angel magic. A magic that is supposed to suck at the caster's life and the rest of the party doubts Hel would have sacrificed some of her life to help them. Hel gives them no extra information though and the party reach the mountain where the dragon is.

Hel escapes before they reach the dragon and with the stone being more dangero...

November 20, 2018

Part One

Part Three

Part Five

Last time on Magic and Machines:

The party left on their quest to retrieve the stone from the dragon's horde but came across a golem of possessed machinery in the factory district. With a knight and someone well versed in magic, the team went to help, defeating the golem with some teamwork and a mysterious magic from Hel.

Leaving the clean up to Ethel's knights the party found their horses an...

October 26, 2018

(Small warning for strong language)


Twenty-One. Twenty-One. Twenty-One. 

I repeated the number over and over in my head as I scanned the square, metal lockers in front of me for the corresponding number. My lizard eyes counted through the numbers, flicking down once in a while to check the number given to me by the front desk. Can never be too careful with these things. 

"Ah!" I chirped when I found it, grin...

October 23, 2018

Start the story here!

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Last time of Magic and Machines:

King Taiken is not pleased with losing his family's stone and the capture of the kingdom's most wanted thief and mage to little to lighten his mood. Balaz reveals that the stone is a vessel for the power of a demon that nearly toppled the kingdom years ago and stressed how important it is to get back. In order to keep his kingdom safe the king re...

September 18, 2018

Find Part 1 Here

Part Three

Last time of Magic and Machines:

Knights Ethel Argi and Ash Prohito were sent to take back a magic stone from the fire wizard Balaz Fai before he could use it for dark deeds. The mission does not go as planned though. The thief hired to steal the stone stands in their way and worse a dragon showed up, swallowed the stone whole and flew away. 
Ethel and Ash arrested Balaz and the thief, Hel Chiboza...

August 21, 2018

Part Two

It was a brisk morning when the fire mage, Balaz Fai, hastily used his powers to shove open the door to his grand library. They shot open with a loud bang and he strode through, no time to waste. He had to keep it safe. He had to keep it safe.

Candles lit of their own accord as he strode across the room clutching a large crystal to his chest, his other hand holding his red cloak over it as if it would dissolve...

June 19, 2018

Writer's block is a pain for every writer. I've recently been dealing with it so it made me think about writer block and what I tend to do to combat it. My mind ended up putting it into different categories. Here are my categories of block and how I deal with them. 

The first type is probably the easiest to deal with and my most common. 

Cause: Planning block is when the main thing that stands between you and progress is th...

June 12, 2018

As an author, I hate to say it but I love my characters. All of them. Without exception. Some more than others but Product Two is no exception. I want to talk about where he came from, why I love him and a little bit of fun trivia.

When I first started writing Moon Girl, Two didn't exist. He, and most of the cast were yet to be th...

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