July 17, 2019

The wonderful, magical weekend that is Cox Con is over and I had such a great time! 

Cox Con is a con like no other. There is no other con where you can feel so relaxed and meet such friendly people.

The Venue:
Telford International Center is a great venue for a con and I will be forever salty that MCM no longer hosts there. It's got great parking, places to rest and relax outside of the halls and convenient shops and restaurant...

August 7, 2018

A bit of backstory:
Manchester MCM is a con I was beginning to get sick of. The last few times I've been now left me feeling more stressed than happy. All the stalls and attractions were starting to feel a bit samey.

This year change my opinion though. MCM as a company has recently been taken over by an American company so I was a little scared of the changes they would make, especially after the shut down two of my favourite v...

July 24, 2018

Back from a tiring but awesome weekend at Cox Con!

As mentioned in my post from last year, Cox Con is a really chill con but this time I was not an attendee. I levelled up to a red staff pass and got to vendor at the con!

In terms of my table layout, I tried to learn a bit from Chester Comic Con and limited my table a bit this con. Rather than flooding it with art prints I stuck to four different ones a day.

Overall the con went...

March 12, 2018

A bit of backstory:
MCM used to be THE comic con organizers in the UK. They had cons in most of the major cities but recently they have been taken over by a new company and have cut out some much-beloved cons (I'll never be over that they got rid of Telford Comic Con it was always close to valentines day it was a great date day!)

But anyway. With that player gone a few have stepped up to try and be the next big con in Liverpool...

October 26, 2017

Sunday the 24th I was at Chester Comic Con! It was my first time attending a convention as a vendor and I'm so happy it got to be in my local town. 

This was Chester Comic Con's second year running so it's a relatively small and new con but this year was much bigger than the last.

Overall it went well. I didn't quite make up the money I spent on the table but I wasn't far off and that's pretty good for my first try at vendoring....

September 7, 2017

Chester Comic Con is weeks away and in the run up I'd like to shed some light on some of the wonderful artist and vendors that will be setting up shop at the con this year. First up is the talented H0lyhandgrenade Illustration.

H0ly attended last Manchester Comic Con though through the crowds I missed her. After the con I saw some of her art in pictures on facebook showing off what they brought at the con so for me I'm pre...

July 24, 2017

So I'm home after a weekend in Telford inflating the ego of a guy from America who plays games all day as a form of entertainment for the internet. 

Cox con is a bit of a niche convention organised by a man called Jessie Cox who streams games, releases videos on YouTube and all that internet personality stuff. He and a group of YouTubers he works with all gathered together and attracted over a thousand nerds to Telford for a w...

March 13, 2017

So last weekend I attended Liverpool comic con and it was super fun :). I met some new people, saw some wonderful cosplays and spent far too much money, all signs of an awesome con. 

I have been to a few MCM comic cons before but I have to say I was impressed with this one. The venue it's self was huge! It was nice to go round a con and feel like I didn't get to see everything in one day. It's not normally something that h...

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